Monday, April 27, 2009

8 Rules

I've been tagged by Cazzie at The rules are to follow the 8 item rules below and place them with your new award on your blog and tag 8 other blogs as well. Well I'm just getting into the whole blog world, so I don't know who to tag with this? But I will go ahead and fill it out for you, Cazzie;) And I'll try to think of any blogs I could send this to in the mean time! Things I'm looking forward to:
1. Getting carpet and finishing our basement.
2. Moving my office downstairs in a room where I don't have to limit my time as much on the computer because I share the room with a sweet little 10 month old;)
3. Losing the weight once and for all from 3 babies in 4 years. LOL!
4. Getting my middle child completely potty-trained!
5. Going on a much needed 2nd honeymoon with my husband.
6. Making more money.
7. Being debt-free.
8. Most of all... sleeping all night long for at least 7 hours!!!

8 Things I did yesterday
1. Got all the laundry done.
2. Took my oldest to preschool.
3. Went for a walk.
4. Washed my hair.
5. Washed my floors.
6. Giggled with my little sister on the phone.
7. Built two castles out of megablocks.
8. My dh.

8 Things I wish I could do
1. Make more healthy meals.
2. Get my kids to eat vegetables.
3. Go on a vacation.
4. Be more patient with life's crazy schedules.
5. Lose all the weight in one day.
6. Make the world a happier a place
7. Scrapbook all day long...
8. Have the money to travel so I can visit all the places of my ancestors (Me, too, Cazzie)

8 T.V. Shows I watch
1. So You Think You Can Dance
2. Chuck
3. Glenn Beck
4. Hannity
5. Cold Case
6. Law and Order
7. Bill O'Reilly
8. The travel channel

8 People I tag?

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