Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I'm ready to DESIGN again!

This year has been so incredibly busy!  I cannot believe all that has happened just since June.  I took a break from designing... actually forced myself to take a break because I literally did not have time for anything else but family life.  We went on too many vacations if that's possible, a couple of funerals, baby blessings, and baptisms... We got new carpet, new furniture, and all kinds of exciting new things after a bonus blessing or two.  I kept telling myself I'd take time for me soon...  and soon never happened.  Then I realized I was getting depressed from the lack of creating anything.  We as women I believe were meant to create things.  If not digital scrapbooking, then some other craft, sewing, painting, or various other things.  I sincerely believe we feel better when we CREATE things.  So I started REALLY missing designing scrapbooking kits.  So behind the scenes this last month, I have been cleaning up, re-packaging, and retiring many many older kits.  I also started DESIGNING two wonderful kits that will be available soon-- a vintage heritage kit, called Faded Photographs, and my 2nd kit in the Princess Collection, Stroke of Midnight.  I also signed up for a Designer Contest :O SCARY, but I thought it'd really get me going with my skills again.  And I'm going to be opening a new store very soon!  Wish me luck with all the new exciting things ahead!  And stay tuned for information on my new store and new kits!  Have a great Halloween!