Friday, November 30, 2012

Round 4!! And a fabulous freebie...

So excited I made it to the 4th Round of this fun Designing contest at godigitalscrapbooking!  I've learned so much and had so much fun getting to know some of the other ladies in the contest.  For this final kit, I created a whimsical kit in bold colors called Wonderland.  I was inspired by the whimsical imagination of those who created the original Alice In Wonderland book, and also those that have created movies, attractions, and rock bands inspired by this theme. Picture a dreamlike, fantasy place, Wonderland at night. This kit was designed to really make your photos pop with the contrast of such bold vibrant colors.  Grab it while you can for a LIMITED time over at godigitalscrapbooking and check out all the other fabulous entries. I have no idea how the judges will determine a winner because every kit looks so wonderful!!
I have another freebie that coordinates with this that I need to finish packaging and loading later so stay tuned.  But for now, I stayed up past 3 am to finish Wonderland for the contest deadline, and I am so trashed!  So check back later after I've had more sleep:)

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