Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A beautiful and enjoyable Progressive Scrap!

For my first time ever at hosting a Progressive Scrap, I think I did okay considering I came down with a severe case of Pneumonia near the end! But everyone was so nice and patient and the layouts are just gorgeous!! Hurry over and vote on your three favorite, but trust me it is hard!

And of course I can't compete in my own Progressive Scrap but I played along and came up with this layout of my girls at the Tulip Gardens Festival which I really really like! It is from my now finished ANTIQUE GARDEN kit newly released!

And I now have a new laptop which I am posting this from mostly because I am in bed with this awful pneumonia, and it is just not fun!!

So I was going to give away my next beautiful set of Bragbook pages away but they are not yet on this computer as I had thought. I promise they will be here tomorrow!

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